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Autism And Love

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Despite the common misconception that people with autism lack empathy and cannot feel love, this is not always the case. Many autistic people do experience love and are capable of forming meaningful relationships.

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Love, Love, Love

For example, Temple Grandin, a well-known autistic author and activist, has spoken about her loving relationship with her husband. She has said, “I’m very much in love with my husband. We have a great relationship because we share a lot of interests… I know he loves me.”


Other autistic people have also spoken about their loving relationships. For instance, one young woman who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was 14 years old says that her relationship with her boyfriend is “incredibly supportive and loving.” She explains, “He understands how I think and how I process information. He’s really patient with me and he knows that I need a lot of time to take everything in.”


It is clear that autistic people can experience love and form meaningful relationships, just like anyone else. When given the opportunity, they can be loving and supportive partners, parents, and friends. Love is not exclusive to neurotypical people – it is something that exists within all of us, regardless of our neurological differences.

There You Have It

So don’t let autism stand in the way of your ability to love – open your heart and let someone in. You may be surprised at what you find!

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