As an Autistic should I buy Dogecoin?

As an Autistic should I buy Dogecoin?

Should I buy Dogecoin? I do have autism you know, which means I recognize patterns of behavior and since the Neurotypicals and fellow Neurodivergent Elon Musk are all buying Dogecoins, perhaps I should too…

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6 responses to “As an Autistic should I buy Dogecoin?”

  1. I think it all depends on your comfort level. Elon Musk is very wealthy and has a ton of financial advisers to guide him. Perhaps you could ask an accountant or your local bank for financial advice. If I were you, I would ask around first. I personally am not familiar with all these cryptocurrencies so I am not venturing there yet.

  2. Either way, Elon is inspiring. Let his example be a lesson to you! Have fun! Take risks! Think big! And…dream limitlessly! Again…don’t invest $$ you need!!

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