What Is Mental Health?

        As of recent, mental health has become a hot topic in the public sphere. We see it every day – on our favorite sitcoms or reality TV shows, but also on our social media feeds and even in our work lives. While there are many things that do not help this issue (i.e. clickbait-style…… Continue reading What Is Mental Health?

Autism and Masking

A mask is something that covers up one’s true feelings or intentions to keep them hidden. Now, I’m not talking about the creepy Jason hockey mask from the Friday the thirteenth movies, although it would be cool if that were an option for me too. I’m talking about using a show to hide who you…… Continue reading Autism and Masking

Autism and Music: sounds interesting!

**Update 18.10.2021: Thank to all for the beautiful and terrible comments from both Neurodivergent and Neurotypical folk. I have been misunderstood my entire life so it just makes me feel that I will probably be misunderstood my entire life. For people not diagnosed with Autism, it may seem difficult to understand how someone diagnosed with…… Continue reading Autism and Music: sounds interesting!

Autism and Sarcasm, ugh…

Autism is a disorder present from birth, characterized by problems with social interaction and communication and unusually restrictive and repetitive interests and behavior. While these features can make it difficult for autistic people to participate in the world around them, even those who do not meet the criteria for diagnosis can struggle with their struggles’…… Continue reading Autism and Sarcasm, ugh…

Autism – How My Diet Changed

When I was diagnosed with autism, the nutritionist recommended I start eating more whole grains.  This helped me feel less foggy-brained and prevented me from having meltdowns when my food didn’t agree with me.  Contrary to what most people believe, autism is not a disease or mental illness, therefore there is no medicinal cure.  However,…… Continue reading Autism – How My Diet Changed

Only 15% of all Autistic Adults live independently

Individuals with Autism often face challenges in adulthood, despite their early diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms of Autism begin building at an early age, but adults with Autism frequently lack support systems to guide them through the complexities of social interaction. Limited communication skills, sensory overload, and spatial awareness can make activities such as employment difficult…… Continue reading Only 15% of all Autistic Adults live independently

Autism and Sport

Body Awareness My first recollection of my own body is a memory of when I was 4 years old riding a plastic motorcycle. I can clearly recall the thrill of moving at an incredible speed down a hill with the wind blowing through my hair. I can also recall the blood forming on my knee…… Continue reading Autism and Sport

Autism and High School

What Teachers Got Wrong I grew up in a small town where we only had a Primary School. Inadvertently I was booked into a hostel when I had to attend High School in a neighboring town. I remember how difficult it was for me to understand why Teachers did not like my approach to answering…… Continue reading Autism and High School

Autism and Money Management

I have made a lot of money in my younger years but spent it all on stupid things because I had no idea what money actually is. Only now do I manage my finances better after using a basic spreadsheet and keeping track of my income and expenditure. The following article is very interesting: Financial…… Continue reading Autism and Money Management

I would rather write than speak…

Some autistics have difficulty with writing, but others are very talented writers. This article gives more insight. Blog Posts Written By Me Welcome to my new mental health venture: Content Creator. I find it helps me a lot to write for other people about their topics. I find it very beneficial for my unique Neurodivergent…… Continue reading I would rather write than speak…